Cotton Documentary Short: Visuals

titles, intro and music agreed, commentary under discussion
long-shot London Bridge, morning rush hour; slow zoom
to walkers clothes: shirts, jackets, trousers; dolly up to grey
sky, merge into blue; lock down on white-tinted landscape;
mid-shot of head-scarved women filling baskets, grinning
to camera through mist of candy floss cotton; pan right
to plantation owner’s beaming face, arms paternally spread
shots of females showing bruises from overseers’ sticks redundant

cut to rolling lorries, drivers’ thumbs-up from cab windows
to roadside camera; close-up of auctioneer’s hammer; shot
of clapping bidders; mid-shot of looms, shaking, sifting haze
becoming thread; cut to rollers pressing out cloth; long-shot
of goods trains silhouetted against a tropical sun
grip’s pics of 24 hour-shift drivers asleep at wheel not needed

aerial long-shot (helicopter) of slowly turning container ship;
upward arc of dockside gantry swinging container onto
truck; fade to exterior of shining new factory - CGI - trucks
unloading; cut to interior, young women, hair in buns,
chatting at machines; close-shot of spread fingers
positioning pockets, hems, labels; fade to reverse zoom
of opening shot, but with sunny sky
closing credits as agreed
gaffer’s snaps of needle-pierced fingers
and footage of smiling soldiers at gates pretending to shoot him unwanted

Nike interested in product placement