Auction, Memphis

Two dollar bill two dollar bill da-labil da-labil da-labil

you wanna bid that fifty cent crate Larry? we got
some pillers and sheets here Bentwood rocker
blue crock bowl and Bob stop strokin’ that dress
she’s gone now and ah put it there anyways
and yeh I shoulda gotten more fer yer house and
tractor too and Josh that woman o’ yours
sure got a sparkle in her eyes these days, well she
has when she looks at me, boy, and Tom, livin’ on
yer own now uh? well I got at least two, might
let yer share one, ha ha, and best keep yer womenfolk
at home next week those of yer still got ‘em, it’s mah
diamond-studded belt they lerv, and don’t forget
we’re over at Ray Bang’s gun store then and ah might
just have a mind to let yer bid for pieces o’ yer lives back

Two dollar bill two dollar bill da-labil da-labil da-labil…

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